Saturday, December 26, 2009

22 Year Old Prom

I'm back in Erie for the holiday and it's wonderful. I'm enjoying talking to peoples faces rather than on the phone and sleeping in my old bed that had 9 billion pillows. Oh and playing with Wiser.
In attempts to get some of my Erie life to my New York life, I've been going through boxes and closets looking for random things, when I came across my prom dress! I truly love that blue, knee-length, party dress.
My prom was nothing insanely out of this world but it was fun, a tad weird and for sure, unpredictable. Would I go again? Probably not. Would I stay home and watch bad teen prom movies with my girl friends? Yeah, but I would still have worn my dress.

Who knows, I might bring it back with me to NY, rock it with some Chucks, and wear it around town.... or more realistically figure out something crafty to do with it. Or wear it WHILE I craft!

And I'll shamelessly admit I tried that baby on when I found it. Fancy prom-ish dinner party anyone?

Awkward flowers made more awkward, thank you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

hyper consumption, happy christmas, hot cider.

I'm not sure what blogging is really about. I mean, I guess technically it can be about whatever the blogger chooses. We get to make the rules. But, I just can't get myself to care about where your shoes are from or why you think those feathers in that vintage hat are pretty.

I'd rather hear you say something real or show me something different. But I guess that's up to us here.

It's December and in the spirit of the holidaze I decided to go on a Christmas tree bike tour on Saturday night since my friend helped me fix my bike up Friday. After 4 days off the bike I was eager to ride and eager for new routes and adventures. After passing Washington Square Park I decided to hunt down some Christmas trees:

Washington Square Park ^

Rocka-flippin insane-fellar ^

Macy's ^

This weekend also included a new treat I hadn't enjoyed before. Hot apple cider and whiskey. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious.

Have a happy Monday ladies and gents. And don't worry about whether or not your shoes or shirts are hip enough.
Just enjoy the cider and go on some adventures.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

vegans enjoy cupcakes too

...Especially vanilla ones with chocolate icing.

In other news, I'm waiting for something. You know how difficult waiting for something major is? Of course. Well I feel like I've been antsy hyped for 72 hours just stuck in this waiting period. How vulnerable.

Everyone should ride a bicycle, and take it on the L at least once in their city cycling career. I got a flat tire last night cruising down the West Side Hudson River parkway and had to hop on the L to get home. I thought it was going to be quite an adventurous mess but it was actually a fairly pleasant and immediate conversation starter. This nice man talked about how he "used to ride one of these" in his home country, the Dominican. Then he said his children used to ride them too. I didn't have the guts to ask if his kids were here or in the Dominican still. Maybe I didn't want to know the answer, just in case.
Another gentleman got on, a bit younger than the first, closer to my age possibly. He was enthusiastic from the moment he saw the bike. "You ride in this weather?!" "Of course! All the time." He thought I was nuts. It wasn't snowing or raining out, just freezing. "What are you doing out riding around this late? Coming home from work? What are you, a crime-fighter or something?"
I tell him that yes I fight crime because "I'm actually a superhero."

This morning a superhero crosses her fingers in the hopes that she doesn't have to change her tire tube.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Sleeping Cowgirl

When I was little, 5-ish, my parents let me pick out my clothes. Probably because they knew I had 10 years of school uniforms ahead of me.
Apparently, I was a huge fan of the pajamas and cowboy boots combo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sponge Cupcake

As we mentioned earlier, Kelly and I are roommates and like every other chick our age, we love cupcakes. Well, we once heard from our friend Molly, who heard from her older sister, who read from some website, that you can make cupcakes in the microwave. Which is just about the greatest thing for late night snacks without the hassle of the mess or ending up with a dozen soon-to-be-eaten cupcakes, not that that is always a bad thing.

We heard of this little miracle back in September but we were living in a place with no microwave (recent college grads living without a microwave, irony at it's finest). But since then, we've adopted a microwave (and a Chobot) and just the other night we remembered the possibilities that are now possible.

So we looked up a recipe for microwaveable cupcakes.
And then realized we would need to improvise a bit... a lot a bit.

6 tbs plain flour

½ tsp baking powder
6 tbs sugar

4 tbs cocoa powder

2 eggs

4 tbs Carotino or other neutral oil

4 tbs milk or coconut milk

*Now this is what should have been. Instead we used 1/3 of a jar of Nesquik instead of cocoa powder and a bit of baking soda and molasses instead of baking powder.

We mixed up everything in a bowl, it looked just like when you were younger and too sick to go school, poured it into a mug and microwaved!

Let me just say that if we had actually followed the recipe, I'm sure the cupcake would have been awesome. I personally think our downfall was the Nesquik.

Well, the smell from the "cupcake" made me wish my mom was there to hand me a sick day bowl. But Kelly was brave enough to actually try some, "it doesn't taste like it smells, it's just kind of like a chocolate sponge."

Moral of the story, a microwaveable cupcake is a wonderful idea. Microwaveable Nesquik cupcakes, not a good idea. Or maybe it was the molasses. Either way, please substitute with caution people, for the love of cupcakes